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Are you struggling to get clients? Use these digital marketing secrets today

In the present era, virtually every business needs digital marketing. Even those which mainly operate offline.

Don’t get surprised if we tell you there are over 1.5 billion social media users around the world. [Source: McKinsey and Company]

This fact alone tells why you can’t ignore the power of social media. To get the best results, you must hire the best digital marketing company in the USA. A reliable company uses proven tips and tricks to boost your business. You will get more clients and increase the revenue.

We have shortlisted the best secrets these businesses use.

  • Go for local SEO

Local SEO means you promote your business within your city or region via online strategies. This is done by creating a profile on Google My Business…Google’s directory. The local SEO is effective for businesses that have a physical presence. The best part is that you don’t need a website for this strategy.

  • Runs ads on Instagram

This secret is especially effective if your product/service targets Gen Y and Gen Z. Write a compelling copy with words that are emotional and resonate with youth. Many new startups and businesses have already leveraged the power of this social media platform. The company mainly using Instagram for promotions include fashion brands, healthy snack companies, restaurants, etc. Take the help of the best digital marketing company in Santa Clara for this purpose.

  • Create video content

Video has more engagement than text or images. No wonder so many video content creators get so popular. You don’t have to do a lot of heavy work for creating videos. You can begin something as simple as feedback from your clients. The honest video testimonials will also help in improving the social proof of your brand – doubling the benefit.

  • Collaborate with micro influencers

There are many social media influencers that have gained a decent number of followers due to their content. A lot of them specialize in a particular domain – such as food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, health, environment. Collaborate with one or more such influencers to promote your channel.

  • Use email marketing

If done right, email marketing is still the most effective and economical form of marketing. You can send emails to your customers with the latest offers and updates. Many emails can be educational in nature.

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