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Website Development

The majority of online visitors form an impression of a business based on its website. By using our web design and development services, you can be sure that the impression is positive and everlasting.
With our delivery center in California, we design clean and responsive websites that are user-friendly, attractive, functional, and modern in terms of layout.

Connect with us for following design and development solutions:

● Web domain and hosting
● E-commerce portal design
● Maintenance and content management
● WordPress web development
● Custom Web development
● Landing page design
● Website content writing

Our website designers and developers possess expertise in the latest programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML. They are also well-versed content management systems, including Magento, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

The websites we design possess these features:

Clear visual hierarchy – Each element of the site is customized to minimize the clutter. The content and images are placed strategically to grab the visitors’ attention rather than confusing them.
Mobile-friendliness – The dynamic web pages designed by us adjust as per the screen size of mobile or laptop. Both search engines and website visitors appreciate such websites.
Quick Loading – The visitors tend to leave a website even if the loading time is more than three-four seconds. By reducing the redundancies in code and applying web development strategies, we keep the loading time minimum.
Readable content – The content we prepare is easily readable without any fluff. Every word present on the website adds to the value of the brand.
Easy navigation – We ensure the visitors don’t get lost while browsing your website. Straightforward navigation and a search bar that we insert adds to the user-friendliness.
Maximum Security – Deploying multi-layer security on websites ensures it remains protected from the attack of the hackers.
SEO Friendliness – The use of relevant plugins, SEO-friendly links, optimized URL structures, and other strategies ensure the website matches the algorithms of major search engines.

Connect with us for a free quote on website design and development service in California.

Search Engine Optimization

Choosing the right SEO (search engine optimization) company decides the fate of your online business. Someone inexperienced often uses unethical techniques to raise your search engine. It does more harm than benefit in the long run.

AdMark Digital Media, on the other hand, relies on white hat SEO techniques that resonate with the algorithms of search engines. As a result, your business snowballs over time, and you establish yourself as a renowned brand.

By optimizing your entire site, we deliver better information to search engines. Doing so ensures proper indexing and higher ranking within search results.

As a part of search engine optimization services, we:

● Insert relevant meta tags on each web page
● Add a Sitemap to your website
● Remove broken links
● Optimize each web page
● Increase the loading speed of the website
● Provide user-friendly, original content
● Execute off-page content submission
● Build quality links on third party websites
● Implement local SEO strategies
● Track the performance through analytics tool

Our digital marketing experts customize the strategies by the nature of the business and intensity of competition.

How does it work?

1. Tell us about your business, goals, and industry
2. We will conduct a performance evaluation of your website
3. This is followed by competition analysis
4. Our experts then perform keyword search and analysis
5. Your search engine optimization campaign kickstarts
6. You will receive a comprehensive report periodically

We will align a dedicated manager responsible for your project.

Connect with your project manager via call or email to clarify all your doubts.

Pay Per Click

Get maximum leads and conversions on your website instantly by utilizing PPC solutions from AdMark Digital Media. As an experienced PPC (Pay Per Click) agency from California, we have helped online retailers, service providers, and other businesses in improving their bottom line through search engine ads.
For each campaign, the focus is on maximizing the ROI of our clients through continuous optimization of search engine ads.

How does it work?

Our California-based PPC experts follow a step-by-step approach to get the best results:
1. Understand the business and budget: Our project managers thoroughly understand your business and discuss the amount you are willing to invest in search engine ads.
2. Deciding the ad format: Based on your product/service, we choose the appropriate ad format from the text, image, video, product shopping, or responsive ads.
3. Keyword analysis: Our experts mine relevant keywords with high search volume and low competition.
4. Creating a copy: As per the budget, the copywriters create an ad copy to rank higher than other ads and attract maximum eyeballs.
5. Other considerations: The PPC experts set the ads to appear at target locations at the appropriate time. This stage also involves listing negative keywords to ensure the budget is spent optimally.
6. Live tracking: The results are tracked in real-time, and the ads are modified to enhance the results further. You will receive a comprehensive report on the performance of the ad regularly.

Advantages of Search Engine Ads
Enjoy multiple benefits by opting for search engine ads on Google or Bing.
● Start getting traffic as soon as your website goes live.
● Pause the ads anytime you want in case the results aren’t satisfactory (though it won’t happen when you choose us).
● Target the demography and location of your choice
● Reinforce your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts through PPC
● Get detailed reports on what type of individuals are engaging with your brand
● Increase the visibility of your brand without spending a fortune

Connect with us today for a free consultation regarding PPC services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing isn’t just about promoting products or services through social networking platforms. It is more about establishing yourself as a credible brand by reaching the target market.

AdMark Digital Media is your trusted partner from California that manages each aspect of social media marketing with finesse. Through our SMM solutions in California, create an influential presence in the digital realm. Retain existing customers and build a new customer base without spending a fortune.

You will also receive insights on what type of customers engage with your products and services. This streamlines your business decisions regarding product design, service, customer support, and other aspects.

Connect with us for:
● Designing social media content that’s engaging and informative
● Account management of Facebooks, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other leading platforms
● Paid campaigns on all leading social media platforms
● Active analysis and reporting to track the performance of your campaigns
● Revamping your social media accounts
● Answering queries of your existing and potential customers
● Handling negative reviews to maintain the brand reputation
● Enhancing brand awareness by associating with relevant businesses and influencers

Our social media marketing comprises creative and technical experts with decades of combined experience in this domain. After analyzing your brand, the team formulates a marketing strategy that precisely matches your business objectives.
Rather than merely publishing average-looking, generic posts, we work upon the entire look and feel of your social media accounts. As a result, it becomes the voice of your brand.

There are already more than 3.5 billion individuals on social media. Don’t miss the opportunity to spread the word about your brand.

Get a free report on the performance of your existing social media accounts by connecting with us today.

Mobile App Development

A well-designed mobile app not only helps in popularizing your brand but also opens up multiple revenue streams. AdMark Digital Media is one of the reliable mobile app development firms from California with decades of expertise. Our mobile app developers blend in cutting-edge technology with current business trends to deliver exceptional results.

Connect with us for the following solutions:

● Android App Development
● iPhone App Development
● Cross-platform App Development
● Native App Development
● Online Retail (e-commerce) app development
● Mobile Games development

The applications we deliver comprise of following features:

Stunning user interface – The user interface that we design is attractive and consistent throughout the app.
Multiple functionalities – We incorporate all essential features, including geolocation, payment gateway, push notifications, and social media integration.
Maximum Security – To enhance the credibility of your app, we ensure the data of your users is entirely secure.
No lagging issues – The users hate it when they face lagging issues while using the app. Our developers test the app multiple times to ensure the app is free of such problems.
Apart from these essential features, our team integrates all the necessary functionalities according to your specific requirements.

Industries We Cater:
We cater to the following industries through app development services in California:
● Finance & Banking
● E-commerce
● Real Estate
● Events and tickets
● Supply chain & logistics
● Social networking
● Media & entertainment
● On-demand services
● Business listing
● Real estate
● Food & Beverage
● Hospitality

If you have a specific idea related to a smartphone app, share it with us. We will turn it into a reality on your behalf.

Connect with us for a free quote or consultation on how to enhance your bottom line with mobile applications.

Online Reputation Management

Even a single negative review can tarnish your brand’s reputation. The prospects refrain from associating someone that failed to satisfy the previous customers. Some potential employees also avoid working with such organizations. It can take years, or decades, to restore the lost credibility.
AdMark Digital House helps you retain the confidence of your customers through its online reputation management solutions in California.

Our team of public relations professionals, marketers, and online reputation management experts have worked with various individuals, SMEs, and large organizations. The proactive approach immunes our clients’ businesses from negative feedback by customers, employees,
or competitors.

We understand that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work when it comes to fixing someone’s image. This is why first analyze the business and its online reputation to customize the solution accordingly.

Through our online reputation services in California, we:

● Track the current reputation of your business/brand online
● Weed out negative reviews from search engine’s first page
● Create a favorable reputation of your brand online
● Prepare and publish business profiles on reputable portals and social media platforms
● Influence autocomplete suggestions of search engines
● Craft high-authority content to achieve online visibility
● Prevent your site from planned reputation attacks
● Ensure your credibility sustains for years

As a result, both potential and existing customers won’t hesitate while doing business with you.

Receive a detailed account of our ORM strategies through periodical reports. It helps you track the progress over time with easily understandable metrics.

For a free brand audit report, connect with our representatives today.

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